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Information :
The varieties of this plant range in height from 9 inches to 3 feet, although some may grow taller with age. The active substance of lavender is essential oil. The prominent active ingredients in lavender is linalyl acetate. Also it is an endemic species in Iran. Lavender, an herb with many culinary utilized, also makes a stunning addition to borders and perennial gardens, providing sweeping drifts of color from early summer into fall. With its silvery-green foliage, upright flower spikes and compact shrub-like form, lavender is ideal for creating informal hedges. You can also harvest it for fragrant floral arrangements, sachets, and potpourri. lavender has been used for pain, bacterial and fungal infections, depression and as a sedative. Fresh leaves and flowers are used to the forehead to relieve headaches and to joints to treat rheumatic pain. Lavender oil due to sedative effects, is used in cosmetics and perfumery industry, too. This magical herb is used to promote relaxation, relieve stress, and even soothe an achy head.

  People commonly associate lavender with two specific traits: its fragrance and its color. But you might not be known that the lavender flower and the oil derived from it have long histories in herbal medicine.

Product benefits


Benefits :

  • Helping to improve level of sleep
  • Helping to treat skin blemishes
  • Offering a natural remedy for pain
  • Reducing blood pressure and heart rate
  • Relieving Asthma symptoms
  • Lessening Menopausal Hot Flashes
  • Helping to combat fungus growth
  • Promoting hair growth

How to Harvest & Dry

How To
Harvest & Dry :

Organs Used: Flowers.
harvesting lavender for essential oil distillation, needs to wait until 50%-100% of the buds are blooming.
harvesting lavender for dried buds to use in potpourri, sachets or culinary uses, harvest when 25%-50% of the buds are blooming.
The best time to harvest English lavender is when the buds have formed on the plant, but the flowers have not yet opened. Lavender flowers harvested at this time of year will fall off the stems more easily when dry, making it easier to collect. Closed buds also would be retained fragrance and color longer.
harvest 1-min
harvest 2-min
The simplest method for drying lavender would be to hang the bunches upside down. As you cut each bunch from the plant, tie it together, at the cut end, with a rubber band or piece of twine. Hang the bunches upside down from hooks or nails in a cool, dark area. You would be needed to retie the bunches as they dry because they will shrink and loosen. The darkness of the room helps the lavender flowers and buds retaining color. Hanging the bunches upside down means the stalks dry in an upright shape – ideal for using in flower arrangements.


Packaging :

We can provide Lavender in each quantity that our client wants, there are no limited in weight and destination or in packed