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Information :
Fresh dates are fairly small in size. Varying in color from bright red to bright yellow, dates are chewy with a sweet flavor. They are a fruitful and beneficial product bearing all kinds of minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients. Having a dark layer, sweet taste and enriched syrup, set dates apart from other fruits and nuts. Iran as one of the historical countries in the middle-east with three thousand years of history, has been the main producer of dates not only in Asia, but also in the world. Dates can be sub-categorized into various and numerous names which are well known in Commercial Terms. For instance, Mazafati Dates, Piarom Dates, Zahedi Dates, Shahani Dates, Sayer Dates and chopped Dates are popular names and kinds of Dates Fruits exported and imported all around the world. Every single one of the mentioned Dates has unique forms and shapes.

  Dates’ appearance can determine whether or not be dried. A wrinkled skin indicates they are dried, whereas a smooth skin indicates freshness. Almost all dates sold in Western countries are dried.

Product benefits


Benefits :

  • Containing different types of antioxidants
  • Balancing blood sugar
  • Reducing blood pressure
  • Containing brain booster
  • Maintaining bone mass
  • Containing 277 calories
  • Containing 75 grams Carbs
  • Containing 7 grams Fiber
  • Containing 2 grams Protein
  • Containing 20% of the Potassium
  • Containing 14% of the Magnesium
  • Containing 18% of the Copper

How to Harvest

How To
Harvest :

The date palm fruit is grown in long strands hanging from the upper branches of the trees, and might be harvested from September through early December. They are harvested from palm trees and dried out in the sun and stored for the wintertime once they supply food for a family as well assist herds of camels, goats and sheep. Date forests have been tended by the same family for generations. There are high transportation costs to get dates from oasis to ports where they could be shipped.
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Date palms have to be individually pollinated and the fruits have to be picked by hand. These tasks have traditionally been done by men who use ropes to climb the tree like lumber jacks or by young boys limber enough to shimmy up the trees barefoot. The scales on the trunk, stick out enough that can be used as foot holds. These days the dates are often harvested using cherry pickers and mechanical buckets like those installing telephone lines.


Packaging :

We can provide dates in each quantity that our client wants, there is no limit to the number of packages as well as for the weight and destination of orders.