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Black mulberry Jam

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General information

Information :
Mulberries are fast-growing when young, and can grow to 24 meters (80 ft) tall.The leaves are alternately arranged, simple, and often lobed and serrated on the margin. Lobes are more common on juvenile shoots than on mature trees.The trees can be monoecious or dioecious.The mulberry fruit is a multiple, about 2–3 cm (3⁄4–1 1⁄4 in) long.Immature fruits are white, green, or pale yellow.The fruit turns from pink to red while ripening, then dark purple or black, and has a sweet flavor when fully ripe.
Mulberry fruits are commonly consumed as fresh fruits; however, mulberries in general, are soft fruits with a perishable behavior. Thus, the mulberry-based products, such as juice, jam, liquor, and muffin are previously manufactured. Also, anthocyanin, which was efficiently isolated from mulberry fruits, could be used as a natural food colorant.

  Black mulberry is a plant. The ripe berry and root bark are used to make medicine. Black mulberry is used as a laxative and to treat runny nose (rhinitis). A molasses made from black mulberry is used for inflamed mouth sores during cancer treatment.

Product benefits

Black mulberry Jam

Benefits :

  • Containing high amount of iron
  • Containing high amount of vitamin C
  • Containing high amount of vitamin E
  • Containing high amount of vitamin K
  • Lowering cholesterol levels
  • Helping to prevent fatty liver disease
  • Improving to balance blood sugar control
  • Decreasing oxidative stress
  • Reducing cancer risk
  • Removing fatigue and curative for mouth and throat infections

How to Produce

How To
Produce :

Black mulberries were processed into jam on an industrialized scale, including the major steps of: selection of frozen black mulberries, adding glucose-fructose syrup and water, cooking, adding citric acid and apple pectin, removing seeds, and pasteurization.
produce 1-min


Packaging :

As far as packaging is concerned, there are various options – cups, glasses, cans, buckets. We can provide black mulberry jam in each quantity that our client wants, there are no limited in weight and destination or in packed.